9 Secrets to Bring you from Offer to Candidate Acceptance

June, 2021

The hunt for the perfect candidate can be rigorous, and every hiring process poses its own unique challenges. Candidate experience is a competitive differentiator in your recruiting and hiring. Preparing an offer for your perfect candidate is exciting – but you must have a strategy to go with it. Knowing how to put together and present an irresistible job offer will lead to an increase in your job acceptance rate while growing your team with incredible new hires.

Use these tips to help ensure the candidate has a great experience and accepts your offer to join your organization:

Do not leave candidates guessing about the next step. Communicate and the process clearly, including as many details as possible. Be transparent about your what your hiring timeline looks like and when they should expect to hear a response back.

It is essential that once the expectations are set, they are met. If you fail to deliver a decision on time or meet these expectations in any other way, you will only make the candidate second guess your offer and potentially decline.

If you want to deliver an offer that is tailored to the needs, preferences, priorities, and aspirations of the candidate, you need as much information as possible. During the interview process, get to know your candidates. Learn about their interests beyond the position. Knowing about your candidate on a personal level makes them feel valued. A candidate that feels valued during the interview process will be more likely to consider your job offer and see themselves at your company

For example, ask what they consider an ideal work environment, how important development and training are to them, and where they see themselves in five years. By incorporating that type of questions into your interview process, you will gain the intel that will help you create an engaging offer.

Again, take time to learn about what the candidate is looking for in their career. Be truthful about your company’s ability to meet their wants and needs. If you can meet or exceed their criteria, highlight why your company will be the perfect fit. Emphasize your commitment to providing the candidate with a career that they will love.

Moreover, remind them that they are not just another cog in the machine, but a valued member of the company’s broader mission. Prospective employees are expected to show what they can offer the company, but it is equally valuable for the company to show how it can benefit the prospective employee.

Excellent benefits are often placed above salary requirements as the most influential factors when a candidate is reviewing an offer. Benefits like a flexible schedule, PTO, wellness perks, holidays and vacation can persuade a candidate to become an employee. Highly valued benefits are one of the best ways to get candidates to accept your job offer.

Everyone wants to grow and advance their career.  The ability to articulate what it takes to succeed in your organization will help the candidate realize how they can grow in their career. Explaining how promotions work and what they can expect makes candidates more excited to work with a company that is so upfront. Being honest with growth and promotion potential will help you, in the long run, find great employees who will remain loyal.

The killer of all deals is time.  Moving quickly is essential.  As the time between the interview and the offer grows, candidates become less interested and may begin to consider other opportunities.  It is real possibility that you will lose the candidates you want to another company that is moving quicker.

Moreover, a short hiring period shows the candidate that you are serious about filling the position and have confidence in the candidate’s abilities.

We all recognize that working from home has been embraced as ‘the new normal’ over the last year.  However, candidates will inquire about when they will be required to return to the office and what safety protocols have you put in place. Providing for a hybrid solution, where the candidate works from home a couple days a week, can be an added incentive which sways a candidate’s decision to accept your offer.

While opportunity and culture are critical, they are not the only key drivers when it comes to putting together a compelling offer. Compensation is important to every candidate and is therefore a  crucial element of every job offer. Competitive salary and employee benefits usually rank as the most important factors for both active and passive candidates.

In order to allow the candidate seriously consider your offer, you should have a compensation range for the given position. Ask your recruiting partner and check industry standards, then evaluate the role and the responsibilities required by the position.

High caliber candidates are attracted to strong offers. When negotiating , pair a competitive salary with workplace perks and fantastic company culture to make your offer stand out.

It is important to know and abide by your state laws, as many states prohibit asking the candidate about their current salary.  However, you can and should ask their compensation expectations during the interview process

By the time the offer stage in a process is reached, the candidate has developed a close relationship with the recruiter on the search. By allowing the recruiter to present the offer, you allow the candidate to have an honest dialogue with a trusted professional. Your recruiter will work on your behalf to highlight the best parts of the offer and opportunity.

Following these nine steps will not only increase the probability of offer acceptance but will help to attract and retain better talent to your organization in the long run. 


About the Author:
Gil Barkon is a Partner with Jobplex, Inc. a DHR International company. Gil’s practice includes engagements throughout the Private Equity, Real Estate, Financial Services (including legal), and Media sectors across North America. Gil began his career as a lawyer, focusing on mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance. Gil represented investment banks, private equity firms, and Fortune 100 firms across all industries. Gil is based in Los Angeles, CA and can be reached at
+1 310.789.7333 or gbarkon@jobplex.com.

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