Giving ‘lectures’ and ‘scolding’ the team in a meeting. Is that right or wrong?

January, 2017

Partner, Ana Paula Montanha, spoke with Brazil’s Business and Management Review publication on how to increase productivity in corporate meetings. Comments from her insights are below.

“I totally disagree of this school of management. In fact, I think many have not yet understood that a good leader serves their team. They must ask themselves: if something went wrong, why did it happen? How do you correct it?

If it is a lack of commitment to the project or lack of commitment from a collaborator, then the correct way is to evaluate his performance, and perhaps in some cases, to replace him. This model is not only unsuccessful, it does not help at all and often diminishes the performance of the whole team, and becomes a moral harassment.

A good rule of thumb for giving feedback, which I use, is to praise in public, and to criticize – constructively –  in private. We should never admit lack of ethics or disrespect for the group, for the company, or with the project.”

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