Thank you for visiting our website. We care about your privacy and the information you share with us and want to ensure you understand how we use and protect information collected about or provided by visitors to our website. We are mindful of data privacy and have adopted best practices in compliance with applicable privacy law and regulations, including the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Use of this website

This website provides content and services for a professional and consumer audience and is not intended for individuals under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect or store personal data provided by anyone younger than 13.

If you are a European Union (EU) resident, please note that there are a number of provisions in this privacy policy that apply uniquely to you.

This document describes:

What information we collect

We collect data about you that is limited to the information that can be found on a typical business card: first name, last name, job title, employer/company name, work address, work email and work phone number. In some cases, we may ask you to provide additional professional information, such as the size of the company you work for, and industry type.

To enhance and/or update any information provided, we may combine it with professional information or personal data collected from third-party sources. Personal data referred to in this document is the personal and professional information you provide as well as information that we obtain from third-party sources, both of which is typically combined into one record.

This site also collects and stores certain information automatically using cookies and similar technologies, including IP addresses, the region or general location of a computer or device accessing the internet, browser type, operating system, page view history and other usage information. This helps us improve our website, and we only use this information for statistical analysis purposes.

However, to the extent that any cookie can uniquely identify a computer, mobile device or tablet (“Device”), or the person using that Device, and you are an EU resident, this is personal data under the GDPR. Therefore, this privacy policy shall apply to such personal data collected by DHR International.

How we collect it

Data may be collected when you register to receive any of the content or services offered by DHR International or undertakings such as publications, subscriptions, contests, newsletters, memberships, premium content, webcasts, video, white papers, online seminars, conferences and events. Primarily, DHR’s offered services are recruiting services for executive-level positions in our clients’ organizations.

What happens if you don’t provide personal data?

For us to provide requested content or services, your data is required. If you prefer not to provide any data, we will be unable to contact you regarding content or our services.

DHR International

This website is operated by DHR International and its subsidiaries, all of which we collectively refer to as the DHR Group. Where permitted by law, data may be shared between DHR and its subsidiaries in order to provide you with relevant content and for internal analytical and business development purposes.

How do we safeguard your personal data?

Data Security

DHR International maintains safeguards, including technical and organizational security measures, to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized use, access, inadvertent disclosure, alteration and destruction, and we require the third parties we contract with to support DHR’s business operations to employ reasonable security measures as well (see “When and how we share your information with others” below).

Security is tested and updated on an ongoing basis and your data can only be accessed by those at DHR International who need it in order to provide relevant content or services.

Data Storage

Your data may be stored using DHR International’s own secure on-site servers or other internally hosted technology. Your data may also be stored by third parties via cloud services or other technology, to whom DHR International has contracted with, to support our business operations (see “When and how we share your information” below).

These third parties do not have access to or permission to use your personal data other than for cloud storage and retrieval, and DHR International requires such parties to employ at least the same level of security that we use to protect your personal data (see “Data Security” above).

What we do with the personal data we collect

We use the personal data that we collect to communicate with you, consider you for professional opportunities, deliver your requests, improve the services we provide and present other relevant information and offers.

To communicate with you

Your data may be used to send important notices, such as communications about your registration, transactions and changes to DHR International’s terms and conditions, policies and/or other internal purposes.

To consider you for professional opportunities

We may use your data for the performance of our retained executive search or other services.

To deliver what you request

Your data may be used to provide content or services you request.

To improve our service

Your data may be used for auditing, data analysis and research to improve our content and services.

The legal basis we have for processing your personal data

GDPR requires data collectors, such as DHR, to have a legal basis to use the personal data of EU residents. This section applies to any such data collected by DHR International or its subsidiaries.

We use the personal data that you provide to supply you with content and services as you request, to send important notices and for internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis and research to provide you with the information you need.

We may also use your personal data to offer you content or services that may be of interest to you based upon your interests or the preferences you shared with us, and we may share your personal data with third-party clients to consider you for professional opportunities.

Per GDPR regulations, after May 25, 2018, in certain circumstances, we may otherwise possess your personal data if we have a legitimate interest in doing so and your rights and freedoms are not being infringed upon.

When DHR processes your personal data for our legitimate interests, we will consider and balance any potential impact on you and your rights under data protection and any other relevant law. Our legitimate business interests do not override your interests. We will not use your personal data in circumstances where your rights and freedoms override our legitimate interests unless we have your consent or are otherwise required or permitted to by contractor law.

When and how we share your personal data

We may share your personal data to deliver content and services for business operations with clients or to comply with valid legal processes.

If you are an EU resident, we will only share your personal data with third parties outside of DHR with your consent or based on entering contract or contracts.

For content and services that may interest you or that you request

As mentioned above, your personal data may be shared within DHR to provide you with information about content and services that might interest you and for internal analytical and business development purposes. We may also share your personal data with third parties, such as clients, to allow for participation in the recruitment process.

For business operations

We may also share your personal data with third parties we have contracted with to support DHR business operations including delivery, fulfillment, payment processing, email deployment, suppression list management and data processing.

As required by law

Your personal data may be shared when authorized by law or necessary to comply with a valid legal process.

In the event of new ownership

If part or all the ownership of DHR or any of its subsidiaries or services are sold or transferred, your personal data will be transferred to the new owner.

International Data Transfers

This section shall apply to any personal data collected by DHR from EU residents.

If DHR shares your personal data within the DHR Group or with any other third party as described in this privacy policy, and your personal data will be transferred to a State that is not a Member State of either the European Union or the European Economic Area, or deemed adequate by the European Commission, DHR (as a data controller/data exporter) will only conduct such transfer (to a data processor/data importer) if there are suitable safeguards in place, such as binding corporate rules, standard contractual clauses, approved Codes of Conduct or approved certification mechanism. For more information, please contact DHR’s data protection officer (See contact details below).

How long we keep your personal data

We retain your personal data for the duration of your business relationship with us, and we hold your information only as long as necessary for each purpose we use it, unless we have obtained your consent to use for another or similar purpose.

Your rights and preferences

If you inform us that you want your personal data erased (if you are an EU resident), or that you no longer wish for us to communicate with you for marketing purposes, or to otherwise restrict DHR’s processing of your personal data, we may retain some basic information in order to avoid sending you unwanted materials in the future, and to keep a record of your request and our response.

Confirming your personal data

This section shall apply to any personal data collected by DHR from EU residents.

To confirm that DHR is processing your personal data, or to access, update or correct the personal data we hold about you, or to obtain a copy to reuse for your own purposes, please email

Erasing your personal data

This section shall apply to any personal data collected by DHR from EU residents.
If you want your personal data erased, please email

To opt out of marketing communications

If you want DHR to stop communicating with you for marketing purposes, please email

To restrict processing of your personal data

If you want to otherwise restrict DHR’s processing of your personal data, please email


Questions, concerns or complaints:

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about DHR’s personal data practices or this Privacy Policy, you can get in touch with our data protection officer.

If you believe you have suffered harm due to a breach of your rights by DHR under this Privacy Policy, and we have not handled your complaint in a reasonably sufficient manner, any EU resident may also file a complaint with the applicable supervisory authority.

The contact information for DHR’s European data protection officer is:

RA Markus Wiese

Wiese & Wiese
Donnersbergerstraße 9
80634 München
Tel. 089/ 38 88 98 71
Fax: 089/ 39 39 98

We have also designated a representative in the EU:

Frank Smeekes
European HQ DHR International
World Trade Center, B Tower – Level 8
Strawinskylaan 823
1077 XX Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 20 572 07 30
Fax: +31 (0) 20 572 07 39

Last Updated: May 2018

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